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Re:Important! Other Agaricus-disposed by customs
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     Name:sandy thomas
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I've heared some herbs from china were destroied by US customs last month.
they also contain mercury.
I hope none of you become victims by the poison.
the manufacture is still in business, I'm sure they will export next shipment to our country.

>If soil is polluted, the product will contain poisonous components, like this mercury case, most likely at all the harvests.

As matter of the fact, it is true unless completely change the soil from deep down.
And chemical test for several seasons are required to make sure it's safe.
Would they be able to do that?
Since the manufacture didn't at the beginning, I suspect they won't.
Be careful folks!

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26. Re(2):Important! Other Agaricus-disposed by customs
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Herbs are not drugs and FDA has unstrict regurations.
I'm so glad Royal agaricus is made by good company.

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