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Re:Does it work on Hodgkins?
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As you know, Hodgkin's disease is cancer that develops in the lymphatic system. And the lymphatic system is part of the body's immune system.
Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the most common treatments for Hodgkin's disease, but bone marrow transplantation, peripheral stem cell transplantation, and biological therapies (also known as immunotherapy, biotherapy, or biological response modifier (BRM) therapy) are being studied in clinical trials.

Royal Agaricus has immuno-active effect and anti-tumor effect that works significantly.
It's been also shown by researches that Royal Agaricus has synergism with cancer treatment (i.e., radiation therapy and chemotherapy) to make these treatments more effective.
So physicians recommend taking Royal Agaricus with conventional cancer treatment, if available to the case, to fight against cancer.
We know the immune system is very important factor during cancer treatment and Royal Agaricus has been helping many patients to reduce side effects from conventional cancer treatments.
Biological treatment (to stimulate or restore the ability of the immune system) also used to lessen side effects that may be caused by some cancer treatments.

Eating well during cancer treatment means getting enough calories and protein to help prevent weight loss and regain strength. Good nutrition helps people feel better and have more energy.
Some people with cancer find it hard to eat a balanced diet because they may lose their appetite. In addition, common side effects of treatment, (such as nausea, vomiting, mouth sores) can make eating difficult. Sometimes, foods taste different. Also, people being treated for cancer may not feel like eating when they are uncomfortable or tired.
Many of our patients told us that Royal Agaricus increases their appetite.
We're not sure how effective macrobiotic diet is. But as long as it allows eating lots of balanced and good nutrition (snack between meals are also recommended by specialists, during cancer treatments), we think it goes well with Royal Agaricus and chemotherapy.
Royal Agaricus is good source of protein, vitamin, mineral, and fiber.
It is natural food that good for anybody. :-)

>Do you know of others like my husband and has the tea really worked?

Royal Agaricus has been effective to many forms of cancers in any stages.
These are some example you may be interested.
(They were sent to Emily)
Just like any cancer treatment and medicine, we cannot guarantee that Royal Agaricus works for everyone.
But it's the fact that Royal Agaricus has been very effective to many patients including clinical study at the hospital.
So we sincerely hope that Royal Agaricus will work for your husband, too.

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