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Thank you for posting.
We're happy to hear your story. :-)

>I don’t know the difference between those products, but obviously something’s different.
Although many scientists report great effects of Agaricus mushroom, it doesn’t mean that you can expect them from all Agaricus products.
Some of them are good, but some are not. Some may be okay to general people as a supplement but not good enough to help people with severe diseases such as cancer.
Quality, that’s important.
Cultivation and manufacturing procedures make all different, not to mention quality of original Agaricus fungus.
Then, you need to make sure safety and quality of [The product]. You may want to know if [the product] has been tested or researched, and clinically shown effective.
Above all, that’s why our Royal Agaricus is the number one.

>He now eats more and much more energetic. He said the pain goes away.
It’s common comment from cancer patients that Royal Agaricus reduces side effects from conventional cancer treatments.

>After making royal agaricus tea I also eat royal agaricus with my husband.
>Somehow my life time problems from constipation were gone.
>What a bonus!
Feel so good, isn’t it!!
[The bonus] is often reported to us. Abundant fiber from Agaricus is believed to be the cause.
Royal Agaricus is good source of protein, vitamin, mineral, and fiber.
That’s why it is called Medicinal Food, good for all of us!

Wish you and your husband the best.

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