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It depends on what cause your upper back pain.
If it is caused by some treatment like surgery, Royal Agaricus can help reduce the pain. Royal Agaricus has effect that significantly increases postoperative recovery.
But if it is caused by orthopedic problems (e.g. improper bone or muscle formation due to exercise, injury or posture), Royal Agaricus may not be effective.
However, in this case, people sometimes experience difficulties to built muscle correctly to support their back.
According to the chiropractor whose interview was aired on TV health program in southern California area this month, building muscle and immune system is related. Strong immune system helps building muscle and reducing pain, and it supports neck, back, legs or shoulder (arms). He has been prescribing Royal Agaricus to his patients and "the results are very good", he said.
(We also would like to add that Royal Agaricus helps blood circulation.)
Muscles become weak, as we grow older. So it's good thing that we maintain strong immune system.
For these purposes, we recommend taking Royal Maitagrin with regular dosage, or Royal Agaricus with a half of regular dosage.

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