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dogs and osteosarcoma
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     Name:Abby Balaban

My 2 year old lab mix was diagnosed 3/1/02 with osteo (bone cancer). She is now 3 years and 10 months. With her particular chemo regimine she was supposed to live approximately 1 year and 8 months. Right now she's doing great. The doc's at CSU didn't think she would make it this long because of her age. They felt that since she was so young, that the cancer would metastasize quicker than normal. Anyway, she had her chemo and amputation and is a very happy dog. In addition to the Agaricus Royal Pet medication, there are a number of other things I do for her, which include an organic diet and other supplements. I can't say that the Agaricus is what's keeping her alive, but I won't say that it's not helping either. It was a recommendation from a CSU oncology RN that caused me to start the Agaricus, because the University is experimenting with something similar. If anyone cares to chat with me about a devastating diagnoses I would love to tell you further what I have done.

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