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     Name:Kelvin Ng

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Good afternoon.

I need a guidance.

I have 4 year old child, whose detected with brain cancer namely "PILOCYTIC ASTROCYTOMA " ( benign type) ( WHO type no 1), grew from Left optic nerves system.

She underwent three major operations within two months and the mass is developing Cyst after operation.( sac with collection of fluid) supressing optic nerves of left and right eyes but more towards left eye, her vision is deterioating day by day due to the suppression.

I wish to know if "Brazil Mushrooms " Royal Agaricus will be effective.

for the cancer

I wandered if anyone of you could help to let me know if there are any proven cases that this type of cancer can be totally cured, disappeared after taking Royal Agiricus.

How many capsules she need to take daily.

Appreciate someone may help.

Thank you!!

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It's our sincere hope that she will recover from any complication.
We believe antiinflammatory, antitumor, and immuno-active effects of Royal Agaricus may help her condition.

Unfortunately, there is no proven case of pilocytic astrocytoma that was totally cured using agaricus in any kind.
However, there was a case of 18 year old male whose tumor was totally disappeared using Royal Agaricus.
When he started taking Royal Agaricus several years ago, his doctor's prognosis was that he would die within 2 years.
He had gone through radiation treatment that wasn't really effective, so his father wanted him to try Royal Agaricus.
He continued radiation treatment as well as Royal Agaricus.
Chemotherapy was not an option at that time (we believe chemo is still uncommon treatment for adult brain tumor often because of "Blood-brain barrier". But there are some clinical trials of chemo.)
One and a half year later, his tumor was completely disappeared, and then he had entered University in east coast happily.
We have other patients (adult) who have brain tumors; and they told us "they credit Royal Agaricus with some of their success in fighting the disease".

We recommend her to take Royal Agaricus, not some man-made agaricus products (i.e. extract in liquid, tablet or granule) that are available in the market.
We also do not recommend her to take product of agaricus powder in tablet or capsule unless the manufacturer has an original dried agaricus product.
That's because most of tablet or capsule product are made with low quality agaricus. This is a common practice, unfortunately, but that's how low quality agaricus are sold in the market at low price for the purpose of making these products.

Royal Agaricus is natural dried mushroom.
It contains the active ingredients most than any other original agaricus available in the market (according to Japan food research lab); plus, vitamins, minerals and natural fiber.
It is good and safe for everybody because it's healthy food.
This is the best way to consume agaricus.
(Besides, I personally believe that it's good to try not to give my child unnatural staff as much as possible, and it's also medically supported.)
Dosage should be measured based on her condition and weight, so please contact us for the detail by email.

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