Agaricus has been a big hit in the past few years with its recognition as an alternative treatment support for many diseases including Cancer. "Agaricus" is known as a health supplement boosting the immune system to avoid getting sick.
"Agaricus" finally got huge attention and became famous in the 1990's, even though it was discovered in the 1960's, in Brazil. It has been used locally as a health supplement for many years.
It is originated in Piedate region, a suburb of Sao Paulo in Brazil, where known to have a low rate of modern diseases including cancer.

"Agaricus" was firstly spotlighted when Dr. W.J. Sinden from University of Pennsylvania and Dr. E.D. Lambert from Lambert Laboratory (USA) presented their reports on the mushroom in 1965.
Also in Japan, followed by the researches by Dr. Tetsuro Ikegami from National Cancer Center and Dr. Shoji Shibata from Department of Pharmacy of Tokyo University, Dr. Chiba from National Cancer Center presented his research at The Japanese Cancer Center.
In his report, it was proved that polysaccharide of "Agaricus" activates the body's interferon production and has strong effect in preventing viral invasion.
Since then, many other studies of "Agaricus" have been done. And other discoveries regarding its health benefit have been reported..
Especially in Japan, "Agaricus" has been one of the most commonly known health food supplement in the past few years.

Unfortunately, there are many kinds of "Agaricus" products in the market and it's hard to find a product with quality.
Do you really know what you are taking or looking at is the one actually proven for great effects?
"Agaricus" means mushroom in Portuguese. So any kind of mushrooms could be called "Agaricus".
Non-professionals cultivate many kinds of "Agaricus" in the market and most of their effects are never been studied. And tricky part is that the dried forms of all "Agaricus" look very similar.

When our Royal Agaricus® Research was first introduced to the world in 1995, many of you were skeptical about the amazing effects of Royal Agaricus®.
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Cancer is one of the most fearful diseases.
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If Royal Agaricus® effects the treatment against cancer well, it must have good possibilities of doing the same, or even better, against other diseases.
As matter of fact, there are also Royal Agaricus®'s clinical studies for many other diseases, which show Royal Agaricus®'s great effectiveness. If you are interested, other than cancer or regarding this website, please feel free to contact us.

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Royal Agaricus

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